Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Assignment #9

Teacher's Desk

Teacher's First Lessons

In Mr. McClung's blog post, he tells about his first year of teaching and what he learned from it.  He admits that he made some mistakes, but he also learned a great deal about teaching from them.  He mentions in his blog that it is important to keep the focus on the student always because they are the reason we are there.  I hope that this will always be my focus.  He also mentions how important it is to be open-minded and to communicate with other teachers.  When a lesson that we might have planned differently goes wrong, we are quick to react negatively.  We should learn to roll with the punches.  Mr. McClung mentions the point of making sure our expectations for students are not too high.  It's important that we push the kids to do their best as long as we accept whatever their best may be.  He says that we should embrace technology and always listen to our students.  In this class, I am especially learning how important and useful technology can be.  Finally, he charges us as teachers to never stop learning.  I strongly agree with this.  How can we inspire others to learn if we are not inspired to learn?


  1. Great Blog! I agree that we should communicate with our students and our fellow teachers. I also agree that we should also always put our students first and set reasonable expectations for them.

  2. Kathryn,

    I completely agree that if we are not inspired to learn, our students will not be either. I think it is so important to learn new things everyday, and the mistakes we make will definitely teach us new things. I also think we should always keep the students at the forefront of our minds. Everything we decide to do in class should benefit THEM in someway. As long as we have a positive attitude and build relationships, I believe we can truly touch their lives and help them succeed in life.