Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Additional Assignment #2

1.  I thought that this video was very interesting and showed how intelligent kids can be.  I also thought it had a lot to say about working together as a team.  I think if anyone is motivated enough, they can teach themselves because they have the drive to do it.
2.  I think that kids might have the advantage in this arena.  They possess a natural curiosity, so they are more likely to teach themselves if motivated. 
3.  I think kids are more likely to teach themselves if they are in a group setting.  They know they must work together to solve the problem, and natural leaders and teachers will rise.  Kids must also be given adequate tools to learn with.  I also think that in anyone's case, they are more likely to teach themselves something that interests them or something that they can be rewarded for learning.
4.  Computers and internet access give children or anyone, for that matter, the freedom to explore what they are trying to learn.  In a way, it gives them infinite possibilities.  It makes things easier to find and research.
5.  Motivation makes the learning process rewarding.  
6.  Sometimes it makes the search easier when you have something you are trying to solve or answer.  You have a goal you are trying to reach instead of trying to find something blindly.
7.  You tell them all the good that it can do for them along the way and at the end.  
8.  I am motivated to learn by knowing that I will be the one motivating others to learn.
9.  I think it is harder to teach someone who is not motivated to learn.  I think teaching them will be a matter of motivating them.
10.  Yes.  I usually teach myself when others don't teach me, and I am forced to.  I also teach myself when I am very eager to learn how to do something for myself.  Sometimes I have to teach myself to achieve my desired outcome.
11.  They are the motivators.  They are the encouragement and sometimes inspiration.  They are the tour guides and sidekicks.  They are there to help you help yourself.
12.  After watching this video, I fell in love with the curiosity and desire of the children to learn.  They had the motivation to learn anything and everything, and I want to instill in my students that same desire.
13.  I think teachers should consider allowing students to work on their own in group settings more often.  I think the video showed how this can be more fun for students and make the learning process much more desirable.  Computers and the internet can be vital tools in this setting.

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