Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Assignment #6

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The Networked Teacher

After watching the video, "The Networked Student" by Wendy Drexler, I have a few things to say.  The video gives an example of a student who is taking an online class.  The student is directed by the teacher to use many web tools and various applications for the advancement of his learning experience in the virtual classroom.  He creates a PLN to keep track of all that he does.  He uses applications like Google Scholar, Skype, and even his MP3 player to learn more.  However, the video does raise the question of whether a teacher is needed or not.

I think a teacher is very much needed.  A teacher of a virtual class like this is needed to be a sort of tour guide for the student.  He/she needs to be there to introduce the student to new ways of finding information, give direction on how to go about finding it, and answer any questions that might arise during the student's endeavor.  The teacher must be technologically savvy.  They also must be actively involved in the student's blog and any other record of findings the student might have created.

Having been in this class for almost half a semester, I am realizing how important technology is for a teacher.  I am learning that just because a teacher might be a part of an online classroom doesn't mean they are not involved in the learning process.  In a way, they are furthering the learning process more than other teachers.  They are teaching the student the subject as well as teaching them to use technology in new and creative ways throughout their educations.  Teachers at the head of online classes are very much involved with their students.

Using a PLE

I was very impressed with the 7th graders personal learning environment.  It seems that using technology to organize and assist in the learning process has had a positive effect on her as a student.  It gives the students a chance to have more freedom and deal with the responsibility that comes with that.  I love the fact that the student's PLE allows them to organize and keep track everything that they have read or used in each class.  This gives the student the ability to easily access any information they need to.  The only thing that I would say is for the student to be cautious with mixing his/her personal life with their school life.  It is very easy to get distracted!

Amusing Ourselves For the Better or Worse?

I really enjoyed Michael Wesch's video about Youtube and authenticity.  Technology is transforming the way we think, act, and the way we talk.  I know that it has been the subject of many of my friends and my conversation.  Throughout my education, technology has come increasingly into the forefront.  This class has especially opened my eyes to how much the world is being changed by technology and how it is breeding a new human being.  I think, as a teacher, technology should not be allowed to dominate.  It should be used as a tool to help facilitate conversation, to be a source of knowledge and information, and to make accessing that information easier.  It should be about the knowledge obtained, not how we get to it.  




  1. Kathryn, I really liked the point that you made in "Are We Amusing Ourselves for the Better or Worse?" -- technology has become so pervasive in our society that we are nearly becoming a new species of human. Also, I agree that we as teachers should not allow technology to dominate, but to use it for its intended purpose: as a tool. Anyway, great looking blog! I love the picture of the birds in the background!

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  3. Too many typos so I deleted the post above.

    Hope I caught them all here:

    Yes, we are needed. And there are a lot of others, not only those called "teachers." We are trying to build a learning community in EDM310. To a certain extent we are succeeding.

    I don't think Wendy Drexler's course was an online course. It was a blended course: half the time was spent in class; and half the time was spent doing independent research. But that does not really matter. The student was learning from lots of people. He was a member of a learning community, defined in part by his PLN. The PLN is not necessarily an organizational device. A PLN consists of the the components (people and other things) that make up your learning community. And PLNs are constantly in flux. There are some things that are more or less fixed. Others are very volatile.

    I will have a post on How the Machine is Changing Us on the class blog soon.

  4. I like your point about technology being dominate. I agree that technology should not just take over but it should be used as a resource or tool to further education.I also agree that the seventh grader should be sure to keep his/her personal life separate to avoid any sticky situations.