Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blog Assignment #7

Brick Wall

Teaching Kids to Follow Their Dreams

After watching the last lecture of Randy Pausch, I have learned many things.  I respect him very much for some of the principles that he has learned as an educator.  The lecture centered around achieving childhood dreams.  In his lecture, Pausch taught us that it is never impossible to achieve a childhood dream or at least get close to it.  By achieving his own, he learned how to inspire his students to go after their own personal childhood dreams.  

Randy Pausch had many inspiring figures and leaders to guide him along the way.  Without some of those helpful words, he would not have gotten as far as he did.  This goes to show how influential you can be to someone you are mentoring.  It should inspire us a teachers to always be encouraging, always be ready to help with a happy attitude, and just be there whenever a student needs a helping hand or a kind word.  I also learned from Pausch's teaching experience with his CMU students that we should always push our kids harder.  That is how they grow.  We must accept their best, and then, we should ask them for even more. 

In his lecture, Pausch continuously brought up the idea of the brick wall.  How much we want something is determined by how we struggle over it.  This concept of perseverance, desire, and endurance should be instilled in our students by us early on in their endeavors in education.  If they learn that sometimes hard work is required to achieve something we want most, they will be all the more willing to do the work necessary, rather than to be lazy.  Over the course of their education, the students will encounter brick walls in their learning.  They must get in the habit of climbing over them if they want to achieve their dreams.

I have also learned the importance of having goals in Randy Pausch's last lecture.  As teachers, we need to inspire our kids to dream big.  Instead of teaching them at their ability, we should teach them beyond.  By saying this, I mean that we should instill in them the idea that it is possible to accomplish something that may seem out of my reach.  It is possible for me to climb that tallest and most sturdy brick wall.  I should have enough confidence in my ability to know that I am capable.  Imagine how different the world would be if every child was taught this way.  

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  1. Hi Kathryn! I also enjoyed Dr. Pausch's lecture. I definitely agree with you about how influential a mentor can be on someone's life. Our students will be looking up to us. We need to positive influences on our students and be ready and willing to help them with the things they will be going through. Great blog! Keep up the good work!