Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summary C4K #3-7

The first child I commented on was a child named Sateki from Australia who was summarizing a story about a man named Kupe and his long and hard journey via a video.  I commented that it must have been very difficult for Kupe and that Sateki had such a nice speaking voice.  The fourth C4K was on a 5th graders blog.  Her name was Maddy and she had just started blogging.  I told her that I liked the way her blog was designed and that I hoped she would post some more information about herself soon.  The next child was named Brendan from the 7th grade.  His last blog post concerned how people are different and have different interests.  I told him that he made a good point and that even though people might have different interests than us, we should still stay true to ourselves.  The C4K #6 child wrote about how people might love or hate her, but she will always be herself.  I wrote that I agreed with her statement and that the people that really matter are the ones that love us for who we are.  The last child's blog that I commented on was named Alba from the 6th grade.  She posted a picture that she took on a battle ship.  She asked us to help her figure out a name for it.  I said that she had an amazing gift and eye for photography and suggested she pursue it.  I also suggested the name, "Through the Eyes of a Ship."

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