Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Assignment #13

Alabama Learning Exchange

The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) is defined as a communal database with lesson plans posted and created by teachers.  At the website, you can choose different courses of study and access web links.  You can look up lesson plans, as well.  It's definitely easy to search for things and upload podcasts for other teachers to access.  Overall, the Alabama Learning Exchange is a great way for teachers to share their ideas and to use the ones that they find.  

Some courses of study that you can access all range from English Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics, all the way to Physical Education, Technology Education, and Driver and Traffic Safety Education.  From that point, you can choose at what grade level you want to see.  You then have the opportunity to choose from however many lesson plans are offered.  They also offer podcasts to choose from that have basically all the subjects that you can choose from in the courses of study.  ALEX is a great way for teachers to share good teaching ideas with other teachers all over the world.

I think that when I become a teacher, the Alabama Learning Exchange will be a very useful tool.  It is always very interesting and helpful to communicate with other people, or teachers in this case, and trade ideas.  Teachers are all going through the same experiences, so that makes them that much more helpful to other teachers.  I hope that one day I can post some interesting ideas that other teachers might find helpful or useful in their classes.  If students find something easier and more fun to learn in a certain way, then teachers should not hesitate to share it.  

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