Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Assignment #11

Kids Using Computers in the Classroom

Ms. Cassidy's Classroom

After watching the video of Ms. Cassidy's class and the Skype interview with her, I have several things to say.  I was very impressed with the students in the video and how capable they have become with different forms of technology.  Another thing that really pleased me was that they seemed very excited about their final products and eager to do more.  Ms. Cassidy does a great job of using technology in the classroom through tools like computers, Nitendo DS's, flip cameras, blogs, Wikes, and Skype.  She teaches kids how to use these tools to further their education and to have fun while doing it.  I definitely want to teach my kids to be able to use a computer to navigate the internet for information.  I also like the idea of creating Wikes to find out information and to learn about what people think about certain things, and I love the idea of Skyping with experts and letting the kids ask their own questions.  I think it will be difficult to teach younger children because Elementary Education is what I intend to teach.  Some tools can be difficult and confusing to navigate, but I think learning at a young age is the best way to start.  It might also be difficult to teach children that might have learning disabilities.  After learning how to use these things, I'm sure that the students will be more prepared to further their knowledge of technology.  It also prepares them for a world that is constantly changing and becoming more technologically literate.  


  1. Kathryn,

    You comment ... Another thing that really pleased me was that they seemed very excited about their final products and eager to do more ... is what we need in education. My question for you is how would you bring excitement into your classroom? Give some specific examples.

  2. I remember that I had the most fun when I was allowed to play games. So, I would love to be able to find some computer games to inspire students and to add a little competition. I also loved when I was able to teach the class. I will try to let my students use the SmartBoard or give presentations to the rest of the class. I will try anything to get them inspired and motivated.

  3. Hi!
    It is really neat how she uses all of the different tools in the classroom. It is easier to teach if the children are comfortable. Today children are more comfortable with technology so it just makes sense to use it. It also helps the children learn in their own way.