Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Assignment #12


 Instructions:  We have been learning so much about technology in the classroom.  Go experience it!  Spend some time in the classroom and record all that you see about how kids are using technology and if they find it beneficial and easy to use.  Summarize.

I have spent a couple of weeks with Ms. Dixon's fourth grade class at Leinkauf Elementary and have seen several examples of technology being used in the classroom.  In the classroom is a Smartboard.  There is also access to four computers and a CD player.  Each day the Smartboard is used in various ways.  The way that I have seen that is most common is interactive reading.  Students get into groups and read a book on the screen while listening to someone narrate.  They can click on pictures to hear descriptions and turn the page by simply clicking in the corner.  Ms. Dixon leaves the students to do this on their own, so they are very capable of working the Smartboard and are eager to work it themselves.  Students listen to short stories and read from their history books with the assistance of a CD-ROM.  This makes reading easier and more fun to do.  Students are required to read a certain amount of books and take online tests on them.  They take turns on the computers and finish the tests, which have about 10 questions each.  Their scores are recorded and kept in an online grade book.  This is a usual thing, and they are very capable of passing the exams.  Overall, the students are very open and excited about any form of technology that they have access to.  I hope that one day they will have unlimited access to more of these types of tools.


  1. Hey. I think your post was a great idea! Experiencing what you learn is very important. It's only thing to be able to retain information. But when it comes to actually performing the knowledge you have, things may be a little rocky!

  2. Hi Kathryn, I thought you had a great idea. Technology is available in classrooms in many schools around the county and it is great to see it actually being put to use. I even think that the use of this technology will help students to be generally more interested in school as well.

  3. A excellent idea! I'll try to figure out a way to coordinate with other classes which actually send you into classrooms.